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Indulge in an extraordinary culinary journey at our Savini Wine Dinner on June 13th.


Prepare your taste buds for a tantalizing evening that will transport you to culinary paradise. The exquisite menu, meticulously crafted by our master chefs, features an array of delectable dishes paired with world-renowned wines.


Commence your culinary adventure with Pallotte Cacio e Uova, tantalizing cheese and eggs balls enveloped in a rich pepper sauce. Savor the comforting warmth of Lentil Soup, a classic Italian delicacy. Continue your gustatory odyssey with Spaghetti alla Chitarra Integrali al Sugo di Aragosta, a masterpiece of spaghetti with succulent lobster sauce. As the evening reaches its zenith, delight in Pecora Alla Callara, a sumptuous lamb stew brimming with authentic Italian flavors. Conclude your gastronomic symphony with Bocconotti, a pastry dough filled with an irresistible chocolate almond filling. Each dish will be expertly paired with a selection of wines, showcasing the perfect union of culinary and oenological delights.


Join us for an unforgettable evening of exquisite flavors and convivial ambiance

at our Savini Wine Dinner.


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